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It's me, Ultraklystron. If you're looking at this page, you probably know I'm a very prolific musician. Why, in just the last 5 years I've released hundreds of songs! You may also know I often make music accessible on free services as well. So, why subscribe for only $12 a year? Most importantly, it helps me make music a priority. Sure, I'll write and record music no matter what probably, but I could ditch most of my web presence and just spit out random little singles on YouTube. To work on the big stuff - albums, EPs, vocal work, live instrumentation, remix versions, royalty-free beat tapes, etc. - direct, regular support helps immensely.

So, in exchange for supporting me, you'll get the whole back catalog that's already up on Bandcamp, and you'll encourage me to make sure there are always new, high-quality releases to keep you entertained. I've even made high-quality downloads of my deepest back catalog available for the first time ever, and as the number of subscribers increase, the more I can prioritize the back catalog. I also usually window new releases for my subscribers early, so subscribe and hear my latest work way before anyone else!

Not bad a deal for a buck a month!

Though, if all this doesn't incentivize you, please follow me on Spotify and Youtube and so on.

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